The Internet of Things brings new capabilities to the Asia-Pacific region, an area that includes five of the top 20 global economies—China, Japan, India, Australia, and South Korea. This consumer research study analyzes consumer data for smart home solutions, connected entertainment, and tech support.

This Parks Associates consumer research study surveys large, statistically significant consumer samples in multiple Asia-Pacific countries.

Access & Entertainment

  • Changing habits for video and audio media, including preferred sources and usage
  • Usage and demand for new video options, including multiscreen consumption
  • Usage of VPNs & unlicensed video sites and current status of cord-cutting
  • Opportunities to guide and monetize content discovery
  • Appeal of TV Everywhere / nScreen services & other advanced TV services
  • Interest, uptake, and usage of premium, paid, & free services

Smart Home & Energy Management

  • Adoption, experiences, expectations, and demand
  • Views on obsolescence, privacy, and security
  • Demand for smart home systems, services, equipment, and appliances
  • Preferred bundles and business models

Connected CE & Platforms

  • Household penetration and adoption of multiple products/systems
  • Impact of innovations (e.g., 4K) on sales and household penetration
  • Purchase location, brand of new devices, and reasons for purchase
  • Current household usage of devices, including frequency and preferred content
  • Role of interfaces in guiding user experience and content discovery

Tech Support Services

  • Use of support services, including expenditures
  • Demand for self-help vs. comprehensive services
  • Willingness to pay for specific services
  • Opportunities for smart home support services, including ideal bundling strategies
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