Strategies for the European Connected Home is a consumer research study that surveys consumers throughout Europe on three key connected-home topics: home controls, tech support, and TV/video services.

This project surveys large, statistically significant consumer samples in multiple Western European countries. It is the most comprehensive multicountry survey available studying adoption and trends/usage of controls, tech support, and video services. It follows Parks Associates' 2012 study IP Home Services for European Households.

TV/Video Services

  • Key features of multiscreen and advanced TV services
  • Content discovery and monetization strategies
  • Segmentation of premium service subscribers
  • Analysis of cord cutters, cord shavers, and cord “nevers”
  • Effective tactics to attract and retain subscribers for premium services
  • TV Everywhere/multiscreen services

Consumer Tech Support Services

  • Segmentation of likely buyers/subscribers of premium tech support services
  • Top features and preferred sources of premium tech support services and warranty services
  • Home network: desired applications and common problems
  • Adoption of emerging devices and interest in tech support for emerging devices
  • Current lifecycle of products and opportunities for tech support
  • Consumer process of evaluating a service offering
  • Role of cloud services in application support and backup services

Home Controls

  • Segmentation indentifying home controls enthusiasts and future buyers/subscribers
  • Attitudes and adoption: controls, security, home management, and connected appliances
  • Impact of connected products on the home management market
  • The most important functionality in a home controls platform
  • Association of connected home services with specific service providers
  • Key price points most attractive to consumers
  • Cultural differences in value propositions from country to country


  • Large base sample size ensures a high statistical significance
  • Multicountry survey provides country-by-country comparative analysis
  • Multiclient participation holds costs below proprietary survey
  • Countries included in the project determined by study clients but will likely include Germany, the U.K., Spain, France, and Italy.
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