Parks Associates’ Mobile Health: Uptake by Consumers and Care Providers includes consumer and caregiver components.

This primary consumer survey probes the impact of mobile on daily routines and health and wellness behaviors. It assesses consumer interest in purchasing and using mobile health solutions to improve personal health, access and manage health information, and track a loved one’s personal health conditions.

This survey also measures the practical and cultural shifts among care organizations and their workers. It surveys care workers to quantify current adoption of mobile health solutions, perceived benefits and adoption barriers, and areas where mobile technologies are having the most impact in the professional healthcare sector.


  • Use of mobile platforms (phones, tablets, portable entertainment devices) to access health and wellness information, track personal health conditions, and interact with care professionals and care organizations
  • Use of mobile apps and widgets for health-related purposes
  • Motivational factors, satisfaction, and unmet needs when consumers use mobile health apps and solutions
  • Use of Web 2.0 tools and mobile social networking solutions for health-related purposes
  • Interest in mobile-based care solutions, services, and apps as well as willingness to spend for these offerings
  • Use of games to improve their overall health and well-being


  • Impact of new mobile platforms on current professional practices, including cultural and organizational changes within healthcare organizations
  • Work aspects that could be further enhanced by mobile technology and willingness of organizations to pursue these changes
  • Comfort level dealing with patients on mobile platforms and through Internet and apps, including concerns over privacy, security, medical liability, and workflow disruption
  • Willingness to be more involved in the coordinated care models and offer on-demand care services to patients
  • Assessment of accountable care organizations and whether they are ready to move down the path as is laid out in the new health reform law
  • Value proposition of mobility to personal care management and implications for care providers who want to promote their brands and services through app stores
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