The public health crisis and months of shelter-in-place orders have had a dramatic impact on all businesses. In particular, SMBs have been forced to reevaluate all parts of business operations.

This research provides insights on technology adoption and needs among SMB owners and IT personnel. It also examines the changes taking place as a result of reduced budgets and broad-scale shifts to work from home.

  • What are the most widely adopted devices?
  • How have budgets for IT and technology products and services shifted?
  • What are the new technology applications needed to facilitate dispersed workforces?
  • What technology issues do SMBs experience with dispersed workforces?
  • What kind of device and equipment issues do SMBs experience?
  • What data security threats are SMBs most concerned about?
  • What are SMBs’ current work-at-home policies?
  • Do SMBs prefer different vendors for different services?
  • What is the preferred business model for various IT services?
  • What are the top value propositions for smart devices in SMBs: premise security, energy management, access control, etc.?

Awareness and Adoption of IT Products and Services

Devices used

Services used

IT services used

Type of service provider per tested IT service type

Software application used

Amount paid for services

Satisfaction with services

Impact of COVID-19, Outlook on New Business Needs/Processes


Impact of COVID-19 on revenues, last 6 months

Expectation of return to “normal” revenues

Impact on workload and work location (on-site, off-site, hybrid, etc.)

Work location outlook

Primary technology challenges stemming from remote work

Impact of COVID-19 on IT spending in past 6 months

Expected changes to IT Budget over next 6 months

Impact of COVID-19 on device needs, service needs for operations, and software/service needs for productivity and for serving/reaching customers

IT and Data Security Pain Points

Problems experienced with devices used in past 6 months

Problem resolution strategy

Data security-related incidents in previous two years

Level of concern about data security threats

Steps taken to address security threats

Product and Service Interest, Willingness to Pay

IT/Support services

Communication software

Business model preferences (bundled or a la carte)

Preferred type of provider (broadband service provider, local contractor, etc.)

Factors compelling business to select service from an ISP/telco/MSO vs. independent contractor/systems integrator

Barriers to purchasing IT products and services

Barriers to purchasing smart products and services

Raw Data Survey Results (SPSS Format)—allows companies to explore the results and dig deeper into desired topics.

Analysis & Survey Results (PowerPoint Format)—analyzes the survey results. Highlights opportunities and challenges in the SMB market, including new challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic and new work-at-home policies, and provides a graphical presentation of the top-level results and key cross-tab analyses.

Analyst Access—access to analyst team for specific topical questions related to survey.

Custom Cuts—by service provider footprint, industry type, or business size available on request

Parks Associates will survey 1,000 SMBs in the US. For the purposes of this study, SMBs are defined as businesses with fewer than 250 employees.

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