The Market Opportunity for SMB Technical Support - presented by Parks Associates and PlumChoice

Join Parks Associates and PlumChoice for the Webcast The Market Opportunity for SMB Tech Support, where we will explore the growth areas and market entry strategies for this market. Among the topics to be discussed are:

  • Revenue opportunities for SMB support;
  • Understanding the market opportunities for different channel partners;
  • Identifying the current national brands in the SMB technical support marketplace
  • Building cohesion from the widely-fragmented market that exists today;
  • How to implement services that are most-needed today; and
  • Best practices in building and marketing an SMB support business.

The small- and medium-sized business opportunity to provide premium technical support services has significant potential. Whereas an SMB IT decision-maker is roughly twice as likely as a consumer to seek professional technical support assistance for issues related to computer workstation issues, only 15% of SMBs today have an ongoing relationship with a support provider. With increasing complexity with computers, software, peripherals, servers, hosted storage, options for SaaS, etc., SMBs will increasingly look to external resources to help them resolve issues and keep productivity at high levels.

Parks Associates research – SMB Demand for Technical Support Services – has identified the market demand and greatest needs for professional technical support services within the SMB environment. What should be your company’s market entry strategy? 

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