Engaging Consumers - IP & Energy Services

The value proposition for energy-related products and services has several challenges. Although a majority of consumers have a strong interest in saving money, there are limited engagement and significant price sensitivity. Segmenting consumers to identify those who are receptive to energy programs and services and providing targeted messaging that resonates with each segment are necessary to overcome these obstacles. In addition, companies are using non-economic approaches to engage consumers. Looking forward, there are opportunities to enhance the value proposition through bundling, variable pricing, demand response, and other value-added services.

The webcast draws from Parks Associates' extensive consumer data and provides a detailed review of the obstacles of current energy products and services. The presentation includes segmentation data that identify target consumers and illustrate their attitudes. We also provide an overview of non-economic approaches to engage consumers and the opportunities to enhance the value proposition, broaden the appeal, and drive growth in the energy services market.

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