Health IoT on the Edge: Accessible, Smart, Secure

Wednesday, August 10, 2022 | 11 AM CT (12 PM ET / 9 AM PT)

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53% of US internet households own at least one internet-connected health product.

This webinar discusses how the value of health devices can be unlocked for applications in health and senior care via the use of low-power, edge-computing devices, especially designed for executing machine learning algorithms.

A new perspective is taking hold among care providers, payers, vendors, and patients that the home is a viable and valid location for health management and healthcare delivery. Demand for and deployment of virtual health solutions have grown exponentially, and consumers increasingly seek out their own health devices to own and use at home.

The quality of healthcare is often limited by the amount and quality of data available. Routine checkups and follow-up appointments oftentimes do not provide the insights and data that can support the best patient care. IoT healthcare devices overcome the limited sample size by continuously collecting and analyzing data. The use of predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms can turn real-time data into actionable and potentially life-saving insights and clinical assessments.

Examples of use cases powered by machine learning:

  • Identify and avoid health crises
  • Triage at-risk patients
  • Assess patients for unidentified and undiagnosed medical conditions
  • Detect health deterioration and dementia through speech patterns
  • Predict falls or mobility declines in the elderly

All these use cases require continuous analysis of a tremendous amount of data. With many cloud-based solutions, where the health IoT device acts primarily for data collection and as a display, the bandwidth requirements for continuous data transmission and the latency involved in performing analytics in the cloud and sending back results can limit the effectiveness of solutions. New approaches to computing solve this problem by running the analytics on the edge device itself, which offers ultra-low latency, high reliability, and data privacy and security.


David Garrett, Chief Architect, SVP Engineering, IEEE Fellow, Syntiant

Poupak Khodabandeh, VP, Product, Syntiant

Henry O’Connell, CEO & Founder, Canary Speech

Kristen Hanich, Director, Broadband and Health Research, Parks Associates

David Garrett David Garrett, Chief Architect, SVP Engineering, IEEE Fellow, Syntiant

Dave Garrett, Ph.D. is Syntiant Corp.'s senior vice president of engineering. He is a technical expert in semiconductor design, focusing on digital signal processing, VLSI architecture, and chip design flows. Prior to Syntiant, he held the role of associate technical director at the Broadcom office of the CTO and is recognized as a Distinguished Engineer within the company. He was responsible for the transmit beamforming (TxBF) architectures in both the client and router side of Broadcom's 802.11ac/ax chipsets, shipping in more than a billion devices. He is an IEEE Fellow, holds 95 granted US patents, and is the previous General Chair of the International Symposium on Low Power Electronics and Design (ISLPED).

Previously, Dr. Garrett was at Bell Labs Wireless Research Division and later served as Director of Engineering, R&D Systems, at Beceem Communications, which was later acquired by Broadcom. Dr. Garrett received his Ph.D. from the University of Virginia, Charlottesville.

Kristen Hanich Kristen Hanich, Director of Research, Parks Associates
Twitter ID: @KristenAtParks

INDUSTRY EXPERTISE: Consumer electronics, mobility services and devices, connected health and wellness

Kristen Hanich heads Parks Associates' consumer electronics and mobility research, with expertise in other verticals including connected cars, mobile networking, healthcare, wellness, and independent living. She leads a mix of custom and syndicated research projects throughout the year, with a focus on major players and emerging trends. Kristen specializes in bridging the gap between data-driven and narrative approaches to understanding the consumer markets via a mix of qualitative and quantitative research approaches.

Kristen has dual master's degrees in applied anthropology and public health from the Universities of North Texas in Denton and Fort Worth. She earned her BSc in health at the University of Texas at San Antonio and has a graduate certificate in Geographic Information Systems.

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Poupak Khodabandeh Poupak Khodabandeh, VP, Product, Syntiant

Poupak Khodabandeh is Syntiant Corp.’s vice president of product. She is an experienced global leader, fluent in semiconductor and electronics industries, who’s excelled at leading major strategic SBU’s and corporate initiatives. As leader of a €250M global semiconductor materials business for Henkel Corporation, she converted decline to double-digit growth in 3 years. She later steered critical transformation initiatives across their €10B adhesives enterprise. Prior to Henkel, she honed her skills at Mindspeed (acquired by MACOM) and Gennum Corporation (acquired by Semtech) in profitably growing key business lines. Poupak holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, with an early career experience as an IC design engineer. She has lived in three continents and four countries and is fluent in both Farsi and English.

Henry O'Connell Henry O'Connell, CEO and Founder, Canary Speech

Henry O'Connell has over 20 years of executive and C-level experience. Following graduate school, O'Connell began his career at the National Institutes of Health in a neurological disease group and continued on to a successful business career specializing in turnaround situations in the tech industry. He has served on several boards in both the private and public sector. O'Connell's vast experience spans globally, as he has managed companies in North America, Europe, and Asia. O'Connell is the Founder, CEO of Canary Speech, a speech and language company that specializes in establishing models that identify specific diseases.

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