Smart Home Energy Solutions: Making a Complex Future Simple

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 | 1 PM CT (2 PM ET / 11 AM PT)

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Most people (54%) think their electric bills are too high, and only 12% of broadband households are not taking any energy-saving actions.

A series of events in recent years has impacted the production, distribution, and consumption of energy. Natural disasters have damaged electrical grids and raised awareness of grid resilience as an issue. The COVID-19 pandemic and war in Eastern Europe have created extreme volatility in the oil and gas markets, which is driving demand for action and alternatives. Smart home devices including thermostats, HVAC, and appliances are collecting larger amounts of consumption data to support a population that is working from home more than ever. The impending acceleration of adoption of electric vehicles and home-charging equipment will substantially increase energy demand before or after commutes.

All these factors are accelerating changes in the energy markets, with multiple sources now serving energy to the home and services such as on-demand pricing becoming more common, creating a much more complex environment for consumers.

Energy product manufacturers, builders, and utilities have an opportunity and a challenge to help consumers handle these issues, coordinate their energy usage and sources, and prepare for a future where households are faced with an increasingly complex energy consumption environment.

In this webinar, speakers identify the tools and assess solutions available to US consumers going forward, including home energy management, solar, and macro-level trends impacting the electrification of the home.


Christopher Keefe, Director, Offer Management & Strategy, Schneider Electric

Brad Wills, Director: Strategic Customers & Programs, Schneider Electric

Chris White, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

Christopher Keefe Christopher Keefe, Director, Offer Management & Strategy, Schneider Electric

Chris has spent the last 10 years driving residential product development and strategy for Schneider Electric in North America. His current focus is to simplify the complexity of incorporating renewable energy and energy storage into homes and developing digital tools to better manage energy usage. Passionate about solving the climate crisis, he is committed to ensuring our homes play a key role in a sustainable future.

Chris White Chris White, Research Director, Parks Associates
Twitter ID: @cwhiteinsights

Chris is a Senior Researcher with Parks Associates, covering the connected home market. He was previously a Director of Insights at PeopleMetrics in Philadelphia and the Data Manager of a youth-serving collaborative in New Orleans. He has performed research for companies in a variety of industries, including the telecom/ISP space.

Chris earned his BBA in Marketing from the College of William & Mary and his MBA in Marketing and Finance from American University.

Brad Wills Brad Wills, Director: Strategic Customers & Programs, Schneider Electric

Brad joined Square D in August of 1993 after completing his MBA from the University of Kentucky. Over the last 28 years he has served in many roles including:
- Market Research
- Product Management and Development
- Segment Sales Management & Marketing 
- Channel Management
- US Marketing Operations
- New business startup
In his latest role as Director: Strategic Customers & Programs Brad is responsible for strategic development and execution of go to market and business programs for Schneider Electric’s Home & Distribution business.
EDUCATION: The University of Kentucky - Lexington, KY
May 1993 Master of Business Administration - Concentration: Marketing
May 1991 BS Journalism
May 1990 BS Advertising - Concentration: Media Research and Selection
May 1990 Minor Political Science
The Economics University of Vienna - Vienna, Austria
Summer 1992 Graduate studies in International Marketing and Art History

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